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Amadu Bansang Jobarteh School of Music - Gambia's first Manding music school

The Amadu Bansang Jobarteh School Of Music | Gambia's First International Institution

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The Amadou Bansang Jobarteh School of Music is the first school established in The Gambia to offer the integrated study of music and academic education. Specialising in the area of Manding Music (one of West Africa’s oldest surviving musical traditions) this school aims to promote and cultivate knowledge, expertise and an innate pride in culture and tradition amongst the young people of The Gambia.

The school’s dynamic and inspirational curriculum offer classes in a wide range of subjects including Kora, Balafon, Singing, Dance, and Drumming. Many youngster’s attention is now drawn to the growing prominence of popular culture due to the lack of inspiration and provisions to learn about their own traditional music.

The role of the Amadu Bansang Jobarteh School of Music is therefore vital in encouraging children to study their own musical traditions in an environment dedicated to inspiring a high level of excellence, creativity, dedication and pride amongst its students.

Latest News:


Student Auditions Now Open!

We are currently searching for new students with musical talent from across The Gambia to be offered a fully sponsored place at our school. For successful applicants, the school will pay for the child's uniform, all learning materials, teachers fees, food and transport. If you have a child who has musical talent, or know of a child who you think might benefit from attending the school please email or call us. Auditions will be taking place in September 2016.

Please click the links below to contact us:

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Volunteers Needed

We are currently looking for volunteers to come and share their skills at our school. Whether you might be interested in coming to teach at our school, assist with promotion and fundraising or help with teacher training and curriculum development we would love to hear from you.

Please visit our volunteer page for more details.

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Donate to our School Bus Fund

The children being sponsored to attend the school have been sourced specifically for their talent in music. This means that the children are coming from all different areas, many very far from the school. Currently we are spending a lot of money paying for taxi fares for the children to reach school and to return home. A school bus will enable the children to travel to and from school together each day, and will save the school a lot of money that can then be spent on other areas to develop the children's education. The bus would also be able to work as a local taxi when not being used by the school which will bring additional income to the school. If you would like to donate to our School Bus Fund please contact us.

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Thank you to our German Donors!
A few months ago we had a group of visitors and volunteers who came all the way from Germany to visit our school. Not only did they spend a day with our children teaching them English and Science but they came with bags of donations containing text books, stationary, sports equipment and much more! This month they sent us more supplies which included school bags for the children who are overjoyed at their new possessions! A big thank you from all the team at the School.
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Our children feature on Hollywood soundtrack

We were overjoyed to be asked to feature our children on the soundtrack to the new Hollywood TV series "Roots". This was the first time our students had a session in the studio and we took the opportunity to teach them their first introductory classes on music technology and sound recording. We look forward to being able to establish our full-time music technology classes once we are able to bring the facilities into the school.


  Roots Film | ABJ School Of Music


School makes headlines on Gambian National TV

The school's first public performance was aired on the National TV station GRTS last month. The students and team of the school are delighted to have been featured on the news headlines and see this is as an encouraging start to the school's vibrant energy.


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Amadu Bansang Jobarteh School of Music - Gambia's first Manding music school
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